Our mission as an organization, accordingly, is two-fold:
1.Build and manage dynamic, industry-focused synergetic communities and environments where business can be performed faster and more efficiently.
2.Within our communities, provide the foremost in information and resources, communication vehicles, and e-commerce channels for industrial, professional, and technology-based businesses. We make it happen no matter what it takes.
WeKnowBest performs transactions in a vast array of markets. We are continually developing a dependable community that will ensure people will want to do business through us each and every time they need something. Our core competencies are ease of use, efficiency, and interactive customer service. Fact is, any transaction can be managed from WeKnowBest.com: giving people what they want in the most efficient manner possible. Communication is the key to efficient transactions and relationships.
IT Maintenance Plans are designed to save small and medium-sized business owners time and money by preventing system downtime and IT service charges. We have developed a streamlined program to make maintaining servers, workstations, networks, and other equipment very affordable, and therefore accessible to businesses of any size. The majority of service calls could be eliminated by a comprehensive maintenance plan. We offer a variety of services, all of which are available to ensure that your maintenance plan is customized to meet your needs. We are the experts!
Annually- Once a year / Bi-Annually- Twice a Year / Quarterly- 4 Times a Year
1-2 PC Maintenance $150/ Annually - $300/ Bi-Annually - $250/Quarterly
3-5 PC Maintenance $300/ Annually- $600/ Bi-Annually - $1000/Quarterly
5-7 PC Maintenance $1200/ Annually - $2400/ Bi-Annually - $4500/ Quarterly
8+ PC Maintenance $2000/ Annually - $4000/ Bi-Annually - $7500/ Quarterly
(Every PC after 10 is an additional $50 each)
Prices do not include travel time

Our quarterly maintenance plan is affordably priced. Getting started is easy. Knowing that your systems will be optimized with a regular diagnostic and cleaning can offer peace of mind to any business owner. Preventing problems is our approach and keeping costs down allows room for growth.

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