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We can help with any need, problem or desire, whether you call on us using the phone or through our websites automated forms and email links.

We not only mediate personal and business transactions, but also communicate as a whole to make products and services better. If you've ever wished something could do something that it doesn't, you're halfway to making your wish come true.

Business Solutions provides a full-service approach. We strategize solutions with you, and then produce them. To deliver this one-two punch, we offer complete strategic, creative project management, technology and production capabilities. We're a one-stop resource for strategic, integrated communications solutions and media tools. Since our core competencies far exceed those of traditional agencies and single-element production companies, you get better ideas, and your budget works harder. There are NO LIMITS to what we can do. Challenge us! References, partners, customers, and employees are one in the same. Ask anyone of them about the benefts of

People Helping People

Joining's team of workers provides the opportunity to grow with a company that is already expanding nationally and internationally. At, individuals grow as the company grows- we contribute to an employee's education with our financial assistance program and provide extensive management training. In turn, employees are responsible for the growth of the corporation. In addition, there's the opportunity for stock ownership as well as annual bonuses and efficiency bonuses, which means people are responsible for their own career. The opportunity is here. Having a successful career with is up to the individual.'s constant search for "a better way" throughout the years has brought higher levels of quality and service. The work ethic is a source of job satisfaction. is convinced that when people are allowed to do their best work, they will. A job well done gives each of us a sense of pride and drives us to work harder, smarter, faster, and better. And, we are always looking for people who respect and share this belief.

Send resume' or volunteer interests to:

Technology at Work

Picture if you will... the typical new product launch to a large sales force... The hours of travel ... the crowded hotel ballroom... straining to see the presentation screen and hear the speaker... separation from families -- time away from customers. It all adds up to an experience most people would rather do without. Not to mention the expense involved in bringing hundreds of people from around the country (or the world) to one central location for a meeting.

Instead of flying in hundreds of staff members for a week of meetings'an expensive proposition'have you considered going online' stages high-quality virtual events using Internet broadcast technology, a solution that can augment or replace live events. We use the Internet to market directly to target audiences, reducing client time and expense to run sales training meetings and present product information. It gets better... The information is archived and available 24/7 by hard copy or re-broadcast.

Using technologies such as live audio-video broadcasts, virtual conference and chat rooms, interactive games that test and reinforce product knowledge, and online sales tools and reference materials, we can deliver web-based training that is specifically tailored for your business operations. Making one good investment can be the best thing you will ever do. Remember, once the information is digital, it can be formatted in many different ways. The data within your organization is very valuable when organized and used strategically.
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