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8011 Mission Gorge Rd.
Santee CA, 92071
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About Us

When customers deal with Behnke, they deal with people who know exactly where they're going, and who is working hard to get there. Behnke offers a worldwide market the convenience and efficiencies of a single-source supplier.
Behnke's constant search for "a better way" throughout the years has brought higher quality and better solutions.
While many companies spend more money advertising their "commitment to quality" than they do finding ways to improve it, Behnke believes action speaks louder than words. That's why our work speaks for itself... and we don't interrupt.

Our Mission

Our mission as an organization, accordingly, is two-fold:

1. Build and manage dynamic, industry-focused synergetic communities and environments where business can be performed faster and more efficiently.
2. Within our communities, provide the foremost in information and resources, communication vehicles, and e-commerce channels for industrial, professional, and technology-based businesses. We make it happen no matter what it takes.
Behnke performs transactions in a vast array of markets. We are continually developing a dependable community that will ensure people will want to do business through us each and every time they need something. Our core competencies are ease of use, efficiency, and interactive customer service. Fact is, any transaction can be managed from giving people what they want in the most efficient manner possible. Communication is the key to efficient transactions and relationships. AskUs... Contact/Request Information

About The Founder

Scott O. Behnke (CEO, President)

Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and information not only to build, but also to guide the organization. With Computer/Information Technologies and Human Intelligence it is possible to help anyone with anything. His vision of the future and broad range of expertise drives him to make it all happen. He has found that partnering with honest people and high quality organizations makes anything possible. He sets no limits on what can be done, because, quite simply, anything is possible in this exciting new era. The more people that get involved with making things better, the sooner life itself will change for the best. The Company is dedicated to listening to its customers and making necessary adjustments to ensure that individuals and businesses affiliated with Behnke and are always of the utmost quality. Scott has stated that his guiding principle in directing the business is “People helping people will bring prosperity to all.”
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